Saturday, 22 December 2018

Spoons, that touch of pyrography

that I said needed doing so paused the much tweeding project and then I forgot to share.

So we were having a social evening at Church to celebrate 50 years since it was built, the evening which included a baking competition for the brethren.  The categories,  Large cake, small cake and sweet pie.

I made spoons as prizes.  The winners names were added on the night.

I had to nab my selection of cake before heading off to a separate room to add the names (health and safety, those tools get HOT!

Anyway here they are , the spoons.

Prize spoons

Yes they are backwards...well spotted, that's what happens if the only picture you have is the one sent by Facebook Messenger to let the organiser see the little chef design.  It it backwards...that was a bit of a surprise.

This is the picture the winners of the sweet shared after they won.  It is the right way around.  The entry was an apple pie made by a father and son.

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