Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Mini monogrammed selection box

Another Christmas gift with letters as a focus. This time a gift for a couple, of a little wooden box with some sweets in it.

So how to decorate it, well the title of this post rather gives it away.  A monogram made up of  their initials (first name and surname) which is quite suitable as they have a hyphenated user name for their Facebook account.

So out comes the pyrography tool once more to create something personal.

Pyrography monogram on a gift box

As noted in my last decorated box post little-box  I feel that a nice outside needs to have a nice inside when it comes to boxes.  So this box needed a lining to give a bit of internal style.  This time I used felt.  I found putting this lining in rather satisfying and it went quite smoothly.

lining a box with felt

Once the outside and the inside were decorated it was time to fill, with a bit of gentle arranging and asking them nicely to breath in, I managed to fit two each of four chocolates into the box. (six in the main part of the box and the last two sweets in the lid).

  Making it a mini selection box.

Do they do selection boxes in the USA? I will have to ask the recipients of this one.

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