Friday, 28 December 2018

Nearly almost started

the watch this space project.


Well back in 2013 I shared my Christmas Embroideries inspired by Christmas cards and showed a picture of the frame for the next planned for the set, with the note to watch this space.

Well I have finally moved the design from the many a piece of tracing paper (with the aid of an iron on transfer pencil) to the material.

This will, when I get started with the sewing that is, which may take some time as I am now contemplating what and how to sew it, be a full coverage piece, so the haze of pink caused by particles of iron on pencil dust is not an issue.

Now I was thinking of using DMC light effects, and I am still inclined to use some metallic here and there however, there is their new thread range which I am told is softer and easier to use whilst still having some sparkle.

Sooo I might order some and see before committing thread to needle and needle to project.

Anyway here it is in transfer stage. I have no idea of timescale for getting the next step started and certainly not for it being finished.  Years is more likely than months, it has taken me years of pull it out put it away move it about just to get this far.

Hark the Herald Angels a new pattern

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