Sunday, 23 December 2018

23 December 2018 Advent Calendar blog hop.

Here we are the penultimate day of the Advent Calendar 2018 and once again Jo our host has set a question that has had me thinking hard.  My favourite piece of Christmas music.

So is that my favourite popular Christmas song or carol, is it my favourite to listen to or to sing myself. Please note the links to songs will take you to a u Tube video.

Well my Christmas stitch for this years hop would suggest the title of a song and I do like it quite a bit, is it my favourite?

Cross stitch of Let it Snow

I made this cross stitch into a card for my pen pal, the original called for the stitching to be blue on white aida, I swapped it around and like the change.

I have even made a cushion 

Christmas quilted cushion

With the same words and it is nice and fun to sing along , but no not my favourite

To listen to, I like Handel's Messiah and I guess the chorus For unto us a Child is born as per my  embroidery  (although the U -Tube video of silent monks doing the hallelujah chorus is very funny) .

My brother feels it is not Christmas until he has heard  Greg Lakes I believe in Father Christmas                                          on the radio or in a shop (it does not count if he has to play it himself). My BFF feels that it is not Christmas til she has sung Hark the Herald Angels Sing at a carol service. 

For me it is the utterly wonderful song from...the best version of Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol.

Yes The Muppet's and  It feels like Christmas  I just love it.

Now if you did not come here from Jo's blog then do consider heading on over to see the earlier days and for the link to the next page tomorrow.

And if you aren't visiting my blog before then, or even if you are I wish you all a very merry 25th of December and I do hope that for you it Feels Like Christmas.

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