Sunday, 1 January 2017

In to 2017

This time last year I posted in-to-2016 about my thread ball and I noted that once the display case put an end to balling thread that the parsimonious craziness did not come to an end.

Now my local council kindly gives away free cloth bags at the local show as part of the drive for recycling.

I had one of those bags, I started popping my fabric scraps into the bag as per my   Bits-A-Quilt  projects. So of course the bag was to hand when I was working on quilts and producing those lengths of thread which needed a purpose.

So, I started stitching the thread (doubled up) into the top of the bag. This particular use it up started when I was quilting my hidden-star-hidden-beauty-quilt.  with its differing browns and golds.  And kept going with the colours from quilt after quilt.  I can look at the bands of colour and recall quilts that I have made and given away.                 

You can see the first bit to the left of this picture, I think there are threads from at least ten quilts (both the quilting left overs and the tacking thread) in this band.

The patterns change as it moves around the bag depending on the colours available from the projects at hand.

Now as I added the stitches something unintended happened. A little tighter each trip around the band as I worked my way to the top.

This reduced the diameter quite considerably. You can get a hint of it on the picture to the left.

I have stopped adding thread as I needed to leave room to sew on a lining to the bag.

Like some other projects that I thought might get finished in 2016 this one has not quite made it.

I have the lining in but the edges have not all been sewn over just yet.  And yes I am using thread from the last quilt I was working on tree-quilt (and the pink thread I tacked that one with).  I may even need to make another quilt just to get enough thread to finish it LOL.

This is the top of the bag (stuffed with bits) before the lining goes in.

So once the lining is all sewn on, will that be the end of it? friendly local council keep giving me nice cloth bags.  So there is plenty of scope for more thread decorating and using up in the future.

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