Friday, 1 January 2016

In to 2016

and a small confession of craziness that is linked to my parsimonious nature. When quilting there are always bits of thread too short use but too long to throw away.  In addition the basting thread from hand quilting is a bit of a waste.  One day I wound some up in a ball as I worked and one thread led to another and the thread ball grew and grew.....

It was in its own way interesting seeing the colours change with the projects I was working on and who knows how it might have grown were it not for the Easter eggs?  Ah, yes that does appear a random comment, you see I have in the past painted Easter eggs (egg link) and whilst in a charity shop spotted a glass covered stand I thought I could put one of them in.

However, when I got it home on closer inspection I realised the top of the glass  was much thicker than the sides and therefore no room for the egg.  So what to do with it, the thread ball was looking pretty and on a whim I popped it in there.

There it has stayed, and as adding further layers of thread would increase the size so it wouldn't fit that avenue for using thread ends, ended.

A new thread repository was required, however that is a confession for another day and another post.

Thread Ball under glass

Thread Ball
So happy New Year one and all, with crafts great and small...
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