Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sunday stitching, a little mixed up

Firstly a small confession, last Sunday I wanted to keep stitching past the designated slot.  And as the rules are my rules, I get to bend them.  So I did white till I thought I had run out of the thread that came with the kit.  I have plenty of white in my stash so I was not bothered and made a mental note to myself to get some sorted and in the bag for this Sunday.

So, mental not did not work and I opened the bag at Church and no white!  What to do? Start on the backstitching.  Three strands into the backstitching and a flicker of memory just after Christmas of pulling a seasonal gift (well this was me so for seasonal gift read chocolates) out of the bag to give to the Missionary Elders, and there being a length of white thread stuck to it. 

Another look in the bag and there is a loose bit of white thread.  Still not enough to finish all the white left to do but reason to pause the backstitch and go back to white.  With all that said, here is todays progress....

A bit of backstitch.

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