Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Sampler Quilt

Whilst I have quilted for some years I have not really explored a lot of the many many block patterns that exist.  Often I have thought of trying something new and been put off by the possibility I would make a start, find I disliked or was not able to successfully complete and have random bits lingering.

I then encountered pictures of sampler quilts, quilts made with multiple block designs, the uniting factor the materials / colours chosen. Drawn to the idea nothing else happened.  The various quilting books with block designs had differing final block measurements.

A lucky find at a charity shop, a book specifically for a sampler quilt got me a step closer.  The gift of cotton material from a downsizing crafter in complimentary shades provided the next step. 

 Still no start, other projects on the go as you will have seen on my blog.

My BFF and I thought it would be a good project to work on in tandem. Selecting our own materials and although following the same pattern making two completely individual quilts.

However, as difficult as finding the right time to make a start had been for me, co-ordinating a start between the two of us, with work and life events factored in proved to be even more so. 

Modified plan, I will make a start, and my BFF will join me catch as catch can with hopefully the added advantage that I will have encountered the tricky bits first.

Working the blocks in the order they appear in the book (to stop picking the looks easy ones first) I have finally made more of a start than cutting out the paper templates for tumbling blocks.

Paper piecing for tumbling blocks
So far I can't say that I am enjoying paper piecing.  There is something about turning over the hems that I do not find soothing. (The book suggested that this repetitive process would be soothing) I am hoping that joining the tacked diamonds will feel less of a chore.

I know there are a lot of people that love this method and happily sit stitching paper after paper.  Each to their own I guess, each to their own.

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