Sunday, 3 July 2016

Needle cases

I had to get a needle to sew a button or 4 on a coat (not even my coat however, sometimes stitching or a more prosaic nature is required) and there were my needle cases and I thought take a picture, so I did.

Felt needle cases
They are made of felt and decorated with (to the right and left) sequins and felt flowers, pearl beads and lace. The contents are colour coded, well sort of.  Blue is for blunt, so my cross stitch needles are in this one. Red is for blood, so the sharp needles that can draw that particular fluid if not handled with care are in there (and the occasional pin). The green, now what does it stand for ? Possibly great big eyes, as the needles in this case are pointy but with a larger eye for thicker thread or multiple strands.

Open needle cases

My mother made the one in the middle for me and I made the other two, I have shared a picture of this style of needle case before as I made on for the fist birthday of out church quilting group you can see it  here inside the groups sewing box, each have our club motto (which by a strange coincidence matches my crafting philosophy) on them.

They make a nice quick but personal gift for a stitcher and are easy for all ages to make.
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