Saturday, 16 July 2016

When to do the white

now there is a question that applies to the cross stitching.

So do you do it last, so that there is less chance of it getting grubby while you work on the project.

Or do you do it first so that the white thread does not draw those tiny little bits of any darker colours into it?

Hmm, it is a puzzle isn't it.

I guess this occurred to me as a topic as another stitcher on Facebook was posting her start on the same project I was starting.  Her comment that she was starting in the middle and would be leaving the white till last as she had been taught.

I was starting in the top left and was intending to stitch each colour as I reached it I contemplated the value of the white till last approach.  I stitch in hand and careful as I am the chance of  grubby happening.  

On the other hand the other colours in this particular pattern are dark and bold and the chance of fiber transference is therefore increased. 

What to do, it was in its own way decided for me by lethargy.  The white thread on my bobbin was just about out and to replenish it I would have to find the cone of white I bought and re-wind it. As I wanted to start I kept putting off the white and leaving it.  When I did get round to it there was indeed some colour pull through but nothing a touch of sellotape could not address.  

Well I guess either option is valid and may well depend on the project.

Now at this point I can't share a picture of the finished project as it is intended for a gift and the time of giving is not yet at hand.

Here however is a picture of me working on it as I don't  think that gives too much away.  However there is a hint of the colours.

Now rolling the fabric rather than bunching it up is a new thing for me but occurred  because I was working on this pattern in a rather linear way. Although that gives no clues to the pattern.

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