Friday, 1 April 2016

Jugs of Roses

In a previous post flat santa coned ,a Christmas item I had made was being displayed at work, sitting on some roses in a jug, you can see another behind it on the windowsill.  Our office was slowly and steadily inundated with these white enamel jugs, some decorated with green birds, some with red, all filled with artificial red roses.

They arrived, first the red, then the green, in twos and threes, where did they come from, why were they there?

We had a new senior manager, and he was bringing them in a few at a time on the bus to cheer up the office. As a few became many it cheered us up in more ways than one as jokes about jugs and roses abounded.

The proliferation of jugs has taken many months, the manager has been with us years, now sadly he is leaving us for pastures new.  A first question after the announcement "will you be taking the jugs with you?".  The answer, "no" so we have a permanent reminder but he moves on jugless and we hear that he will not have free reign to start a new jug collection in his new location.

So what else could I make him as a small leaving gift.......

Jug of Roses 

I expect that you guessed right.  The design is a modified version of one found in this book, although the original flowers were yellow and pink tulips.

So I guess this gift meets the unique criteria of this blogs theme.

Happily he liked it. 
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