Monday, 4 April 2016

A small finish

that makes me think of a big friendship and makes me contemplate the changing use of symbols.  The beginning of the film the Da Vinci Code (see my Da Vinci here) covers the changing meanings of symbols and how one that has meant one thing for centuries can become something else.

It is an issue that comes up with the quilting quite often, as certain arrangements of triangles in spirals can look like a symbol that was once considered lucky and  following WWII became an emblem for something utterly different and generally abhorrent.

OK musing over, here is the picture that makes me think of the colour my friend brings to my life and including one of her favorite things (when it was either just a weather phenomenon, something that lead to a pot of gold or a promise from God).

I used this as my entry in the Secret Sweetheart stitching blog, however as it is mine I thought I would share it here directly as well.

Thank you best friend for being my best friend.
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