Friday, 22 April 2016

Sweet Pea Plus

This design was in an old magazine which had a mix of things, stories and patterns for different crafts.  Sadly  at this point I don't have the magazine to hand to tell you what it was.

I have always been fond of sweet peas, my grandfather grew them in the garden and I would "help" the shoots find the strings to cling to and grow.  Once there were flowers I was allowed to help pick them to make bouquets he would take to the over 60's club as a prize for the raffle.

We later grew them at home and took them to Church on a Sunday.

So they hold a special place in our family.  Add on the butterfly and  it was just perfect for a birthday card for my mother.  This is the only item I have sewn during my lunch break at work, time was a factor as I had started the project a bit too close to the day it needed to be finished by.

Sweet Pea and Butterfly

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