Sunday, 1 June 2014

appliqué baby quilt number two

So some time after the Guardian Angel was finished on came the announcement of further expansion to my friends family.  This time the design was chosen with an awareness of the baby's gender although it remained a general secret.

Once again the design was  to be based on a cross stitch pattern.  William in the Window designed by John Clayton for Heritage Thread Bears.

John Clayton's William in the Window

                                                                                                    The bit which needed some though this time was the right side of the design as I did not want to add window frame all the way round and as you can see , in the original it fades into the fabric.

That was not something I could envisage for the quilt.

My solution ivy leaves down that side.  I took a few real ivy leaves to make the pattern, I picked a couple in various sizes that appealed to me and used them. A little bit of padding to the leaves gave them texture.

William in the Window quilt

The fingers holding up the quilt in this picture belong to the baby boy (not so much the baby now, he is sitting his GCSE's this year).

As with his big sister's quilt, the back is also pieced and includes his initials.

The quilting was easy to decide on just following along the lines of the pattern on the main fabric.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, no the recipient's name is not William.
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