Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Show 2015

Ok with my mothers health problems I did not expect to have much finished to enter the show this year.  However with some encouragement from my mother enter things I did.

A quilt and quilted bag in the quilted class. My Sunday Pooh in the embroidery class (which includes counted cross stitch) and entries in two classes not previously tried, a wrapped gift as if for a birthday and the chocolate truffle in the cooking section.

And whoopiee only poor Pooh came away without a prize (which was not a surprise as he was rather outclassed against much larger more complex items).  A first and third in the quilting, for quilt and bag respectively and a first for the decoupaged wrapped gift and joy of joys to this non cooking person a first for the chocolate truffels.

Rose wrapped gift
This is my winning wrapped gift.  I had such plans for this entry, I was going to do something with origami. I never did find just the right paper to fit the plans in my head.  In the end I recycled some gift paper saved from an earlier ocassion. I used ons bit of the roses on white paper to wrap my hexigone box. Added a bow made from some bits I found in the kitchen drawer and then cut out one of the roses and sections of the same and made a decouparge rose. The paper also had some butterfiles and I decouparges a cople of those too.

I was quite pleased with the result, more so with the prize. The £ of which will arrive at some point in the future, giving me lots of time to mull over what to do with it.

Chocolate truffels

My other new class, the truffels, look less impresive on the table but must have passed the taste test.  I looked on line and in books for a reciepe and ended up using one on a typed sheet with an unknown origin.  Made the first batch too small, second batch larger and had seven, One to test and six to enter. five left after  the judges had made their selection, none left now all eaten up.

Quilting entries
Top middle, my winning quilt, middle right the elephant bag and bottom middle my BFF's quilt.

Bag and quilt will have posts of ther own in the next few days as each has a story behind the stitches.

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