Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mint Tulip (a quilt)

Before her ill health in March my mother had bought some new curtains, they were a too long, a section needed to be cut off.

There followed a request for a quilt to match the curtains using the cut off section of material.  I already had some orange material I thought would go and a simple quick pattern in mind.  However, the pattern required a third piece of material and that was proving more challenging.  

My mother and I had been looking for some time and not found just the thing.  Then my mother has a major health issue with time in hospital. 

The requested quilt now became symbolic of much that felt undone, unsaid.  The kind facebook quilters offered to help me find the illusive fabric, had I but known what I was looking  for.

Wonderfully my mother came home, it has been six months since she was initially incapacitated and she is making progress.

I finally fixed my eye on some material already in my stash, just used on a long term project of my own and decided it would do.  It more than did, once the blocks were put together the colours were vibrant more and the light mint for the edge set it off nicely.

patches close up

I made a template for a tulip to echo the tulips on the curtain material and set to with the hand quilting.

Tulip template

I had no plan on finishing it in time for the local show however, my mother was firmly of the opinion that I should.  I did manage it just in time.

Here is the finished quilt.

Mint Tulip Quilt

Happily my mother was quite right and as mentioned in an earlier post it won. 

Quilt at the show

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