Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bowls season!

This is an embroidery I first did for my Dad.  Again its inspiration was a card with a humorous depiction of "firing" a technique used in the lawn bowls game.  My Dad likes this sport and has been club champion at the local club more than once.

I made a second one for my mother's uncle Tom.  Uncle Tom lived in Australia and was also keen on the game.  Although the prizes he won were a bit more usable than the medals and trophies here.  He often wrote about winning "chucks" chickens that is, ready to be cooked, not the breathing laying kind. He played into his nineties, when his vision deteriorated he played with verbal instructions  and still enjoyed an end or two.  The embroidery made him chuckle, he knew, he said people who played that way.  He was looking forward to getting a telegram from the Queen for his 100th birthday (I did tell him it would have been a card, telegrams were phased out before he was 98) sadly he did not quite manage to stay with us long enough to get his card.

Anyway the local season opened today so a good day to share this.

The square stretch frame was a bit more difficult on the back and I had to lace this one.
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