Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Flower quilt

You may find some of the fabric in this quilt familiar as the floral prints used for the flowers and boarder have made an appearance before in a postage stamp quilt.

This is due to me benefiting from a Church project which did not reach a conclusion.

The idea was for a group of ladies to make lots of paper pieced hexagons and then flowers for a quilt.

Enthusiasm for the project was sadly short lived and although all the hexagons you see here were cut, not all were pieced and only a few of the flowers had been constructed when the project was abandoned and the fabric consigned to a cupboard.

Years passed and the bag rediscovered during a tidy out at Church and I was asked did I want to take the bits.  The alternative to my saying yes was them being thrown out.  So they came home with me and continued their life in my cupboard instead of the one at Church.

After languishing a few more years I pulled it out and puzzled what to do.  A fair bit of unpicking for a start to change the design to something that would use the bits already cut and not require more, I am not a paper piecer.  It became evident that the paper pieces and hence the shapes had not all been cut to the same size, getting them to fit together was a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Once I had the big flower and the four small I appliqu├ęd them onto a blue sheet then I quilted round the flowers and quilted the same flower shape onto the blue. An edge with the same floral material and I was done.  I am quite pleased with the finish and gave the quilt as a Christmas gift to a woman with a heart as warm as I hope this quilt keeps her. 

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