Sunday, 19 January 2014

Celtic Knot dragon box

Dragon Celtic Knot

This is a box made out of bits of skirting board.

The dragon knot is from a quilting book, Celtic Quilting by Gail Lawther. As it combined two of my favourite things I wanted to use it.

The box top came first, mainly because the idea to make a box did not happen until after the dragon was finished.

I used one of those grinding multi tools to do it (I did use a chisel to remove some of the big areas at the start).  I rather had fun doing it.

The carving in profile
Deciding part way that it was to be the lid of a box was not the best way to proceed. I had not left sufficient thickness for hinges.  My dad was giving me a hand with the carpentry for the box, making mitred corners ext.  However hard we tried it would not close properly with hinges.

Frustrated I put it to one side then inspiration struck, a cloth hinge, a lining that was also a hinge. My dad was a bit doubtful that would work but it was worth a try.

Material hinge

Well it did work, it opens and shuts just fine and the glue is holding well.

It is certainly unique and I am pleased with it. Not sure that I will try it again, but then again I might.  

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