Monday, 6 January 2014

A little retrospective (quilting)

looking back at 2013 and all the undone in self defence I have needed to take a look at the things formerly achieved.  Recalling the finished items and successfully completed projects reminds me I can do more than plan and procrastinate.

This little quilt was started as a group project at Church.  Each sister was to complete two blocks. One appliqué and one embroidered.  The plan was initially met with some enthusiasm but sadly it did not progress with the same measure of effort.

Mary's quilt
Of the twelve patches that made it to the quilt three of the appliqués and of the embroideries are my work, one of each type is my mothers.

One of the Sunbonnet Sues was made by an American missionary.

Two other patches were started and I finished them off and the last of the twelve, well in recounting if not completions, was made by our branch pianist.  An elderly lady called Mary.

The last finished was the book with bookmark (second patch up from the left) which has Mary's name on it as I had decided to finish it as a lap quilt for her in appreciation of years of music.

Mary moved away to be closer to family and sadly died several years ago, I do not know what happened to her quilt.  I hope that it is with one of her grandchildren and that it reminds them of her when they look at it.  I have one less than perfect photo, which when I look at it makes me think of Mary and her music. 
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