Monday, 12 December 2016

On the twelth day of December

and the Advent hop arrives at my blog.

So what to share, something small that feeds into the traditional themes of Christmas without the original story and with a slight nod to my having the twelfth.

Pear Tree
Yup a pear tree without the Partridge, but then the 1st day of Christmas is still some days off so it can be forgiven for not being in place just yet.

I also like this little silhouette, a pattern my BFF introduced me to (although she stitched hers in pink, well she thinks it is purple but I say pink) I used sparkly Aida and a dark blue thread.  

Sparkling nativity
There is something about the simplicity that calls to me.

Jo also asked that the hop participants included something about a favorite or special decoration in the post.

In some ways that is tricky as I have shared some of those decorations in earlier posts in Christmas bloggs gone by.

There is  The elf and it's mini me. 

The Christmas Card inspired embroideries

The The Advent Calendar which at first was a project upon which it was traditional to work each year and now is in use with scripture readings sharing space in the little pockets with chocolate treats.

Various other bits and bobs pepper my blog here and there, but some family traditions we have lost. Making our own Ginger Wine (and looking like bubble, bubble toil and trouble doing it) as Castle Wines who made the essence stopped making it!  The extra sized, feed four adults and two children, cornbeef pie for Christmas eve, that diminished in size as we lost grandparents and the children grew.  Multiple Christmas cakes for the same reason.

New ones added, like watching a Muppets Christmas carol which I positively love especially if it is on TV Christmas Eve. The perfect accompaniment for decorating the tree. 

Even more recently the Advent Blog Hop has joined my Christmas traditions and I hope the same will be true of those reading this.

So don't forget to pop back to Jo at serendipitous stitching tomorrow and open another door.


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