Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Let it Snow..?

last year the small quilting group I facilitate was given a Christmas themed panel.  Thinking the fairest way for the group to use it was to cut it up into its various parts so we could all have some and make cushions I made kits.

I rolled them up tied them with a ribbon and we drew them out at random. That stopped me cherry picking the one I liked best. (it had a thin strip with birds on, which I thought would quilt well)

Whilst I did not get my favorite,I was quite pleased with the one I did get, one of the simpler piercings with  one central square and four snowflakes. 

I was not the first to finish, one was made up on the night, the second some months later and I finished mine a few weeks ago but was waiting for December to post it.

Let it Snow
I quilted around the houses and trees etc, my BFF and quilting group member (who had finished hers as a patchwork without quilting) liked the effect so much she is planning on unpicking the cushion so she can quilt it and then remake the cushion.

This is an envelop style finish at the back, as taught to me by my BFF (and she keeps having to teach it to me as for some reason it won'y stay put in my head).

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