Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday Stitching an update

well as anticipated there was no Sunday stitching last week as I was giving a talk with a theme of "be of good cheer"

This week, whilst there has been stitching it was done at home whilst watching a recording of a conference session.  Why you ask? My mother was not feeling well today so we stayed home.

I have touched on my Mother's health before and hope you will excuse my adding in a non-craft related touch today.  My mother brought a leaflet home from her group and as a result set a goal to participate in a fund raising activity, and wearing a very purple T Shirt for a great cause.

Information on what we will be doing, and for my mother it will be a big thing to do, is available at Just Giving if you feel so inclined.

Back to the update, finished the burgundy

                                                               and made a start on the gold

Might make it to the backstitching next week?
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