Thursday, 1 October 2015

Inspired by..a cross-stitch gift.

If you have visited with me before, you may recall I was gifted The Castle by T, W as a kit by my brother and his girlfriend.

Before I had finished sewing my kit I made an applique inspired by it as a gift for them.  I did not feel I had time for a full quilt so I put it in the middle of a purchased duvet cover.

They were most enthusiastic about were their cats who apparently liked to sit on top of the applique.

Castle dragon

The moon and the tip of the wing on the right of the image are my additions.

The edge of the dragon is satin stitched using an orange to white variegated thread. 

The watermarked material sang dragon skin to me when I saw it and at the same time gave a feathered effect to the wings.
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