Sunday, 3 May 2015

Noah's Arc, quilt and cross-stitch

I did not make a birth sampler for my BFF's son as by that point she too was cross-stitching and her mother-in-law was also a cross stitcher.

I had quilted a  pre printed panel baby quilt ( my friend picked and purchased the panel for that) which was a Noah's Arc so I cross-stitched a "nursery" picture instead of a birth sampler to go with it.

Noah's Arc cross stitch

The rainbow is one of my BFF's favourite things so it was most appropriate and this a very colourful version.

The red of the Arc picked up the red in  edge of the panel quilt. 

However, after finishing the hippo's, giraffes and flamingos, I spotted a mistake.

I will give you a moment to look at it, enlarge it even, can you see it?

The pale green section of the arc.

Yup it is a couple of stitches higher on the right than on the left.

Oh I was miffed with myself, how could I make such a mistake and as the adjoining animals had been counted out from there they would be wrong too.  I looked closely at my stitching and then at the pattern and realised that my mistake was following the pattern exactly, the mistake was in the pattern itself.  Had I spotted it before sewing it perhaps I could have made an adjustment however, unpicking and redoing was not an option so I left it in as a talking point, or an observational test.

Here is a sadly blurry blow up to help you see it.

Noah quilt

Oh and a picture of the quilt it went with.

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