Sunday, 10 May 2015

A Special friend (cross stitch)

A Special Friend cross stitch)

This is the first cross-stitch gift from my BFF as she started to explore the craft.  The top white section is her own design worked out on graph paper.

It was originally in the frame on is own attached to some purple material (also her first go at framing) 

Now my friend knows me well and understands me better.  I meddle with stuff, I like to tweak things and in this instance she gave me her full permission to do just that with my gift.  

I liked the colour of the frame  and wanted to keep that and the main focus on my friends work. I too got out the graph paper and made a design with something to reflect each of us, dragons for me and a rainbow for her.  I had a bit of 18 count navy blue which was just the right size.  

A small bit of mount board and my hand cutter and there it was, well with the date and our initials embossed, not sure you can make that out here.

Oh and the purple material, it went into a Bits-a-quilt, well what else did you expect me to do with it. 
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