Friday, 30 May 2014

Lap Quilt (log cabin)

I made this lap quilt for my Aunt.  She was a wonderfully charitable lady and attended many a coffee morning, fair, church jumble sale and many another fund raising event.  She often found bits of material she would bring me.

She kept a special eye out for greens aware of a project I have been fabric collecting and discarding for many a year (more about that later, when at last I get it finished) although none of the bits was ever just what I was after. A lot of the bits I collected for the project weren't in retrospect what I was after either so no reflection on my Aunts eye for fabric, just on my knowing what I wanted. 

Some of the bits my Aunt brought me went into my bits-a-quilts, others still await a suitable home.  (I think I have found a pattern for using up some of the greens, again update later if it happens).

In addition to being a powerhouse for local charities my Aunt was bold with decided opinions and a quirky sense of humour developed over her two interesting careers firstly as a nursery nurse and then as a policewoman. Although she had left both to be a wife and mother by the time I was taking notice of such things.  I chose for her quilt a rather big bold pattern for the middle of the log cabin arrangement and slightly subtler ones for the rest.  The darker pink tones picked up some of the colours in their living room.

Happily she very much liked the resulting combination and her quilt was regularly used for naps in her chair when her health became poor.  I miss her and find it hard to say my Uncle's name without it being in combination with hers, sometimes I forget and the sad fact of her absence hits like it was new. I am glad that she is included in my bits-a-memories and they help me remember the happy things, the smiley moments and the gift that was knowing her.  
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