Friday, 29 November 2013

Pyrography !

I can barely remember how to spell it but I have had a go at this craft and intend to keep trying.

Chines Dragon box
A lady at Church introduced me to this craft. She has two professional, temperature controllable hot wire tools.  She brought them up to church and I gave it a go.  Getting the correct thickness of line and darkness of burn was tricky but fun.

Later for a Christmas gift, I received a somewhat more basic tool.  It came with different tips, has no temperature control other than turning it off to let it cool or leaving it on to get very hot.

I have used it to burn the names of baking competition winners into wooden spoons (to commemorate their win) and to do simple flowers onto wooden jewellery.

Dragon box side detail

My best effort to date is adding dragons and the recipients initial onto this wooden box containing Chinese iron balls.

The are great for relaxing and strengthening hands tired from crafting..the iron balls with tinkling bells inside them, not the pyrography tools, just to be clear.  They, the instruction sheet carefully informs me are not recommended for use on human skin..ouch!  I shall be careful to avoid confirming that instruction.
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