Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lots of little knots..

Knots, different types for the crafter and which type and when means we either love or loathe them.

Knots in thread to stop it pulling through the material as you start to sew, they are a good thing.

Knots in your thread as you work, not a good thing, unless you can get them out.  I am quite good at getting out the tangled thread comes from lots of practise.

Realising there are French knots in a pattern makes your heart sink if you find then tricky (I still do) or soar of you like them.

Celtic knots as I have previously mentioned, now those I love.

I used to take a small knot to work on when I went on holiday.  It was handy as I put pattern onto the material and so no need to carry a pattern.  I used variegated thread so only needed the one scheme. So little hoop, scissors, needle and the thread all fitting into a little travel pouch and I was ready.

This worked for holidays at home or abroad (before what you could take on a plane had to be restricted for the safety of all), I have made a few now.  

Celtic knots

But what to do with them?  I do not have an even number in either colour or design.  Not sure that I want to add to them, I take cross stitch kits on holiday now.  They are sewn so full of memories that whatever I do, it has to be for me and not to give away.

So while I contemplate it they sit folded up with just the knot showing, occasionally I get them out, line them up and hope for inspiration...nothing yet.

Celtic Knot in green

Brown square Celtic knot

Square Celtic Knot in teal

Round Celtic Knot in Green

Same knot in brown
Purple round Celtic Knot

Round Celtic knot in peach
Round Celtic knot in shades of orange

Blue square Celtic knot

Pink Celtic Knot, square or round?

Square Celtic Knot 
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