Sunday, 20 October 2013

More bookmarks

I like to have some on hand gifts for those wonderful people who trust me with their books.  They are especially kind as I find it very difficult to reciprocate, my books are like family and I dislike letting them go visiting.

Little cross stitches glued onto ribbon make for a quick little tangible thank you that can be slipped into a book or even a birthday card.

There are lots of small designs that can be used and for the waste not hoarders (like me) it is a great way to use up the very tiny bits left over when a big project has been trimmed for framing. 

A bit of graph paper and simple geometric designs are a doddle, add a letter and it is personal.
I keep intending to have a whole alphabet of bookmarks to hand for emergency gifts. 

However, I have never managed it as I keep having to use them. 
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