Friday, 20 September 2013

Two for a pound ? (cross stitch)

Have you ever seen the cross stitch patterns in pound shops and wondered if they are any good?

Well at two for a pound I could not resist.  I figured even if the pattern was not great I could use the  14 count for something. The chart was in colour, no symbols and although not many thread shades sorting out what was what was a little tricky as the illustration shades by no means matched the thread provided.

But at that price for a full kit, yeah needle as well it was surprisingly sewable and easy to stick in my bag for those little stitching opportunities. The other pattern? A country cottage is unlikely to get done any time soon.  Tried this so I would know however, many a project in line to be done before I go back to the 50p kit.

Lighthouse for 50p, bargain ?

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