Sunday, 1 September 2013

That lace making pinacle

You may be getting an inkling of my obsession with dragons.  For my mother it is owls and butterflies that fly most often delight her eye.

I make a things for my mother with that in mind.

This lace butterfly is for me the hardest and best piece of lace I have ever made.  It is quite small and required the smallest crochet hook I have ever seen to join some of the sections as it progressed.  

Made with very fine thread the danger of it snapping was a constant threat (which sadly happened more than once, requiring taking out hours of work to join in a new thread) and each picio (that is the loop bits on the edge required one of the working pair of bobbins to be unwound, hooked through, and rewound . 

There were times I though I would never finish and should never have started. 

And when I presented it to my mother, the ultimate compliment, she thought one of the experienced ladies at the lace class had made it! I was so pleased it did not look amateur, it took me months. 
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