Saturday, 2 September 2017

Birth sampler

A colleague at work  has had a beautiful baby girl (aren't they all beautiful) so as I had offered some time before the birth to do a sampler it is time to look at my patterns and design something.  The only suggestions of likes from the mother are pink and lemon!

So whilst I puzzle over that I have a picture of a previous sampler to share, picture recently received via the connectability of Facebook.

This is a compilation design, the bear from one book, the baloons from another.  The little animals from a third.

The lettering around the edge and the balloon strings are my own. 

The layout worked out on graph paper.

I have used this basis design twice, this was the first and original.  The second was again for a work colleague with changes to the colours of the balloons, lettering and of course a different name and birth details (written on the balloons)

I still like this and still have the graph paper pattern so I do not rule out the possibility of using it again. However, it is not quite right for Kyra and Colin's daughter 's sampler.
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