Sunday, 6 November 2016

From one thing to another...

the need was for a loose button to be sewn onto a coat.  That then required the correct shade of thread.  I did not have just the right colour amongst my thread so that required checking my mothers thread, she tends to have collections of those little spools made just for repairs.

That leads to the boxes she  keeps her thread in and the memory of past makes.

Some time past, I shall not guesstimate how long, my mother was gifted some chocolate ginger which cam in small oval wooden boxes.  

I like boxes and they shouted to be kept an to be made over.  So I painted them with my mothers initial.  I firstly had to paint the top of the box black to cover the original ginger chocolate information.

Then the letter with metallic paint, followed by the vines.  I still think they look good.  I may have painted many more had the chocolates continued to be sold in the oval boxes.  Sadly they were not.

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