Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunday stitching and a confession to make

Occasionally I see posts by stitchers on Facebook about running out of thread from a kit.  That there has not been enough included of one shade or another.

Now that has happily never happened to me, indeed I often look at what I have over and wonder if there is enough there to do the whole pattern again (I hasten to add, that I have never actually tried it, well not yet anyway).  As an example here is a picture of the thread left after the Aveling and Porter kit was finished.

Now I move on to the current project, and as I progressed with the light yellow I began to suspect there would not be enough of that shade to finish the area required of it.  Given my above comments you will understand my being somewhat surprised at that.  Last fragment of thread used and I find I am indeed out of thread before I am out of the stitches that colour takes in the pattern. 

So I double check in the magazine which make of thread was included in the kit (as the key kindly for future use of the pattern gives the shades for DMC, Anchor and Madeira. In the process, I see the following:

Yes, there it is in black and white, use one strand for both the cross stitch and the backstitch.  You know what I have done, don't you?  Indeed, not read the instructions (bad girl) and used two strands not one.  No wonder I have run out, when I should have had plenty left. Suitably humbled, I shall dip into my thread stash to make up the shortfall (a disappointed frog will not be utilized) and I will keep going with the two strands for the central bit at least, I may go back to the recommended usage for the peripheral bits.

So, here is this weeks update, still not looking like much but it is progress.

Oh, and the purple makes me think of the Big Purple T shirt and the Stroke Walk. Stroke walk just giving link .

Another passing thought, there appear to be several EU countries that the flag counter is not recognising, so apologies if your flag has not as yet appeared.

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