Wednesday, 11 November 2015

King Arthur and Guinevere

My brother did not provide me with any lead in time to his wedding.  So no wedding sampler however I did want to make them something.

There is always the scary moment of choice, what to do, will they both like it. So do I ask what they would like and end up stitching something I dislike or something that will take forever while they wait and wonder?

One day when they visited I just happened to have a cross stitch catalogue out on show, introduced it as a topic of conversation, persuaded them to flick through and took note of the designs they paused at or commented positively on.

Later I reflected on their choices and from them made mine..

Arthur and Guinevere

   I was in a hurry to get it finished for Christmas and the metallic elements had taken longer than I had anticipated.

The intention was to have it framed professionally but professional framers get quite testy if there is not a good few inches of material around the design and I miscounted and ended up with a very scant amount on one edge.  So I had to frame it myself.

I traced round the edge of the design on some greaseproof paper to work out were I had to add curves to get it to fit.

In retrospect I think that this counting error was serendipitous as the adjustment resulted in a more interesting framing solution than would have been the case had I got it properly centered.

I rather enjoyed stitching this , metallics and all, occasionally I think I may do it again. 

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