Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday stitchings

In recent years I have found the lights in the chapel of the Church I attend give me a headache.  Fortunately there is a room with the sound piped to it so I can sit there to hear the talks.

Now I remember things better if my hands are busy so sitting in the room with natural light mostly on my own I sew.  It keeps me focused on the talks so much better than just sitting.

I take a kit and just work on it for the 45 mins I am avoiding the headache. I did take the flower sampler when I was just doing cross stitch but it takes too much concentration now the special stitches are upon me...will up date on that on later.  I need something reasonably simple for Church Stitching.

So today I decided I would post a picture before and after today's sewing session..and if my memory fails me not keep doing it till the current project is finished.

Not going to say what it is I am sewing, you will just have to wait and see, all I will say is it was purchased at a British Heart Foundation charity shop for the grand sum of £1.99 and would not have been a normal choice for me.

Starting point
45 minuets later.
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