Saturday, 28 March 2015

V for very (cross-stitch)

I have been quiet here for a bit as the patchwork of my life has had a scary and unexpected deviation. That deviation has changed my focus and as any of you who will have experianced a similar situation (for all are different) you will understand.

My mother has and continues to be unwell starting from 6 March and ongoing.

V is my mothers initial.  My very special wonderful mother. A lot of what I make is with my mother in mind. V is one of those letters less common on things with initials.  I made this key ring fob for my mother, it is on 18 count and reversable with the letter in green and scroll in red on one side and the colour reversed on the other.  Each initial is also embelished with blending filament.  

It lives on my mothers handbag and although small and simple it and its use is and exchange of our affection.

The online craft community have been suportive.

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