Sunday, 6 July 2014

Update on current kit project (cross stitch)

It has been awhile since I did anything with the kit.  A pause after the cross stitch part was finished to think how best to progress with the "fancy" stitches.

I prefer to stitch cross stitch without a hoop, just holding the fabric in my hand.  However, the various specialist stitches don't look like they would react well to that.

For the first time I am trying a scroll frame.  I had to trim the edges so it would fit.  Made a start top left corner with the stem stitch, read the symbol wrong and had to take the whole lot back out, although I did consider labelling it as a design variation, but the discrepancy in the colour was too jarring to leave. Such a mishap would generally signal another  period of hibernation for the project.  Not this time, this time out came the wrong thread and in went the right one, quicker than the first time.

Scroll frame

You know that annoying trace of colour you get when taking out stitches?  Well in this instance it was a help as it acted as a guide for where to put back the stitches and no careful counting was required, so not only did I get back to the position I started before unpicking I actually got a bit more done.

Whilst I have made progress,  I am doubtful that I will have this finished in time to enter it in this years local craft show at the end of August. 
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