Sunday, 4 August 2013

Proof positive

not sadly that I was a stitching child prodigy but rather that I am a hoarder!

Another search through my craft stuff, looking to catalogue my frames this time and I came across further projects from school.

school apron

Another item from junior school, but a year or two later and another from the first year at senior school.  Each item with the same purpose, both red yet with different designs and levels of decoration.

This first has a whipped stitch boarder and ties just at the waist.

School pinny

The later version loops over the neck and ties at the waist. The pockets are decorated with a mermaid and what is supposed to be a large shell with my initials in and a couple of fishes.
Decorated pockets

Sadly although I had access to proper stranded thread I had no idea that the thread should be separated to suit the size and style of the design.  So using the full six strands my mermaid is rather a chunky thing.

Six strand mermaid
She does show however, that less than stellar starts can lead to better things.  At least I do hope you will think so when you see some of my later embroidery projects.  Mind projects to wear, are less of a progressive story.
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