Saturday, 20 July 2013

Purposefully inedible dough

Salt dough to be exact.  This has been a 'learnt at church' craft.  One of the sisters was very 'into' it for a while with books showing different designs.  I particularly liked a princess and the pea wall plaque she made. Sadly I do not have a picture for that.

For the lesson at church she suggested we bring a picture of something we would like to make, or chose something from a pattern book.  I took a birthday card I had received with a picture of a dragon on it, a slightly humorous image that I hoped would work. I told you there would be more dragons, lots more.

salt dough dragon

The fat parts of the design were built around a tinfoil support to even out the sections for baking in the oven.  I used enamel paints to finish it off and glued it to watermarked silk before mounting it in the frame.

I have done the occasional small item since, bears mainly,that come in useful for adding to cards (for hand delivery, they would not do to well through the post) but my book reading dragon remains my favourite.  He hangs above my bookcase giving it delusions of being a library.

I like the idea of a book so exciting that a fire extinguisher needs to be on hand just in case.
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