Sunday, 31 July 2016

A double Sunday stitching start

Another cover kit beckoned with a centre start required there was little choice but to begin with the white in this instance.  

This particular cover kit is for two separate patterns, both beginning in the middle with white.  So when I finished the white for the first design with thread still in the needle, I decided to start the second design. 

My intention now is to sew both together and see how they develop colour by colour.     

As mentioned the first shade in is the white so my progress picture being white on white is not very exciting or easy to see.  That being said here they are.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mini Mint

After finishing Mint Tulip there was still some of the tulip curtain material left.

As I was folding it away my mother commented it would go into a matching mini duvet cover!

Well I measured up and there was just enough to make a scaled down version in the same patchwork design.

As there was no quilting on this there are no big tulips on the orange and mint squares, hence the title Mini Mint.

Here it is.

There was one small bit of the material left, shhh don't tell my mother she will want something else to match.

Well perhaps!

Here is Mint Tulip and Mini Mint together so you can see how the pattern was scaled down.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Little Bird

My friend gave me a kit for making a bird ornament, I think it came with something free and did not appeal to her.  I am as previously noted the happy recipient of such largess.

I have not used the kit bits, rather I traced out the pieces and cut them from a piece of material I have.  The material is intended for a bigger project that requires the use of pastel dye. So I thought I would do a test piece.  I did not want to do nothing with the bit of material I would be testing so decided to make the bird using material coloured in with the pastel dye sticks.

A birds Eye view

The original pattern called for a ribbon to be attached to the bird so it would hang up.  I had already modified the design by quilting the breast feathers (which on stuffing the bird has not shown too well ) and the wings. 

Quilted wings

Just before I started sewing him up I decided he should have legs instead of a ribbon.

Bird on a wire (legs that is)

I made them from the wire from a used pad of A4 paper.  Three strands twisted together, with the feet at each end of a U shape to form the feet.  I am quite pleased with the way they sewed into the original body shape without me needing to add a gusset.

He looks rather friendly perched on my hand but not stable enough to stand on a display table at the local show, so I went for a walk and came home with some bits of wood left from the damage to local trees from the high winds. 

Nice and dry after all this sun.  Slapped on a coat of varnish (just the one so that the difference between the inner wood and the bark would show) and Little Bird has a permanent perch.

So he will be entered in the "animal any medium" class at the show.  They are not biologically picky with the definition of animal so a bird will be fine.

Small Sunday finish

and here it is done.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Small Sunday Stitching

All that is left to do is the section requiring stash thread (yes because I did not read the instructions) and the backstitching, which is going to make all of the difference in seeing what this is.

Today the talks at Church were about relationships and focusing on what is important and not letting ourselves become distracted.  If we can focus then the pattern turns out right and we progress, if we get distracted, and loose focus we can go off on a tangent and end up in a bit of a mess.

Certainly applies to the cross-stitching too, although frogging is an option with cross stitch that is not available for life.

On a personal note, here is a close up of the medal from yesterdays charity walk.

If you want to know more please either visit Just giving or  Stoke Association UK

Thank you.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

When to do the white

now there is a question that applies to the cross stitching.

So do you do it last, so that there is less chance of it getting grubby while you work on the project.

Or do you do it first so that the white thread does not draw those tiny little bits of any darker colours into it?

Hmm, it is a puzzle isn't it.

I guess this occurred to me as a topic as another stitcher on Facebook was posting her start on the same project I was starting.  Her comment that she was starting in the middle and would be leaving the white till last as she had been taught.

I was starting in the top left and was intending to stitch each colour as I reached it I contemplated the value of the white till last approach.  I stitch in hand and careful as I am the chance of  grubby happening.  

On the other hand the other colours in this particular pattern are dark and bold and the chance of fiber transference is therefore increased. 

What to do, it was in its own way decided for me by lethargy.  The white thread on my bobbin was just about out and to replenish it I would have to find the cone of white I bought and re-wind it. As I wanted to start I kept putting off the white and leaving it.  When I did get round to it there was indeed some colour pull through but nothing a touch of sellotape could not address.  

Well I guess either option is valid and may well depend on the project.

Now at this point I can't share a picture of the finished project as it is intended for a gift and the time of giving is not yet at hand.

Here however is a picture of me working on it as I don't  think that gives too much away.  However there is a hint of the colours.

Now rolling the fabric rather than bunching it up is a new thing for me but occurred  because I was working on this pattern in a rather linear way. Although that gives no clues to the pattern.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Small sunday stitching an update

Managed all of the purple cross stitches with the thread in the kit, even though using double by mistake, I will need the stash for the dark gold.

Started on the green which I will do in one strand (as the pattern had stipulated in the first place) and will keep going with that before returning to the stitching I will need to raid the stash for.

It is starting to look like something now, I can almost see it...

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Needle cases

I had to get a needle to sew a button or 4 on a coat (not even my coat however, sometimes stitching or a more prosaic nature is required) and there were my needle cases and I thought take a picture, so I did.

Felt needle cases
They are made of felt and decorated with (to the right and left) sequins and felt flowers, pearl beads and lace. The contents are colour coded, well sort of.  Blue is for blunt, so my cross stitch needles are in this one. Red is for blood, so the sharp needles that can draw that particular fluid if not handled with care are in there (and the occasional pin). The green, now what does it stand for ? Possibly great big eyes, as the needles in this case are pointy but with a larger eye for thicker thread or multiple strands.

Open needle cases

My mother made the one in the middle for me and I made the other two, I have shared a picture of this style of needle case before as I made on for the fist birthday of out church quilting group you can see it  here inside the groups sewing box, each have our club motto (which by a strange coincidence matches my crafting philosophy) on them.

They make a nice quick but personal gift for a stitcher and are easy for all ages to make.

Small Sunday stitching

not a lot of progress today, as you can see.

However, I do have a good reason, I was making a copy of a marriage certificate.

Now don't think I have been cross stitching the marriage certificate, not the case, I am actually authorised  to make out an official copy of a marriage certificate for weddings that have taken place at our chapel.  This is the first time I have done it, given how nerve wracking I found doing that, the thought of doing an actual wedding is somewhat daunting. (Yes I can do that too, just not had to yet as I am the reserve Appointed Person).