Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday stitchings three

Don't feel as if I got a lot done today in the allocated time slot..makes it tempting to add a few more stitches here and there.

I have resisted that impulse (so the Borg are wrong) and here is the start and finish from today.

Starting point
Todays finish

Friday, 17 July 2015

A Field of Seams

My mother and I attended a craft session at church based on making pictures using scraps of material. Sister Scott, the lady doing the class brought some books to inspire us.  Such books tend to be called coffee table books,  you know the kind,big books with glossy photographs.

She also brought bags of assorted scraps in lots of different colours and types of fabric.

Between the two we were inspired to do a country scene. Here is a detail of poppies on the cord corn field.  My mother hand embroidered the poppies and did all the white French knots you can see.  The stems were machine stitched (that bit was my job)

It was interesting using the textures of the materials to add to the depth of the image.

Fence posts

The fence posts at the edge of the field moved from velvet to a lighter brown material to just sketched on with thread.

Fence posts and poppies

I am rather please with the result. and the perspective achieved. And with the overall result. We made it into a cushion (putting in the zip was my Mothers job too)

A field of seams

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday stitchings 2

Today's starting point is unsurprisingly last weeks finishing point, although I must say I was tempted once or twice during the week to reach for the black thread.

I resisted on two points, one that flower sampler is stubbornly not sewing itself so requires some attention and two, it is no good whizzing through my Sunday sewing on other days as then I will have to find another Sunday project.

Anyway here are the pictures.

Starting point

three quarters of an hour later 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday stitchings

In recent years I have found the lights in the chapel of the Church I attend give me a headache.  Fortunately there is a room with the sound piped to it so I can sit there to hear the talks.

Now I remember things better if my hands are busy so sitting in the room with natural light mostly on my own I sew.  It keeps me focused on the talks so much better than just sitting.

I take a kit and just work on it for the 45 mins I am avoiding the headache. I did take the flower sampler when I was just doing cross stitch but it takes too much concentration now the special stitches are upon me...will up date on that on later.  I need something reasonably simple for Church Stitching.

So today I decided I would post a picture before and after today's sewing session..and if my memory fails me not keep doing it till the current project is finished.

Not going to say what it is I am sewing, you will just have to wait and see, all I will say is it was purchased at a British Heart Foundation charity shop for the grand sum of £1.99 and would not have been a normal choice for me.

Starting point
45 minuets later.